No Future! Except if money goes in…

Anarchy in the UK! On my way to have my lunch break, I pop in a famous store in London called “Forbidden Planet”, a well-known retailer for everything more or less in relation with comics, TV series and cartoons.

Passing by the window, my eyes got attracted by a huge pink device. At first sight, I couldn’t really distinct what was this thing about. Honestly, my first thought went to Lego. Check yourself and tell me what is your first impression. As fluos are “so-trendy-oh-my-god!” nowadays, the company that created that piece of plastic thought it would be a great idea to mix lighting pink with fluo green. The result leaves me speechless… 

Sex Pistols crap

Well, so apart from the ridiculous aspect of it, I got quite astonished by the way the Sex Pistols’ logo and slogan “Nevermind the bollocks” found a place behind a toy store window. First of all, I would be six feet under to imagine I could buy this crap to my offspring! Secondly, try to turn yourself into someone who has to explain what Sex Pistols and Punk movement are all about through that pinky toy! 

We know that Punk attitude (style, slogan, marketing…Its appearance) got already diverted, almost straight after his landing in the UK, by Malcom Mc Laren’s philosophy and entrepreneurship in the late 70’s. We know that the UK has that kind of magic to exploit things coming up from the “underground” (Is it just a laboratory for testings in the end?) to turn them into 24 carats ideas.

But still, does it have to be that hideous?


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