WTF are U spkng?

“Why I thought in London as a first option to live? off course to improve my level of English”. This is the overused sentence that defines the alibi to be in London of milions of people in this city. But I have a question: Are the Londoners speaking in English? mmmm…i mean the english that the rest of europeans learn in milions of schools and academies? I don’t think so, and sometimes is even worst if you travel arround the “island”.  Anyway this is a cool article from don’t panic magazine about one of our favourite subjects: SLANG!!!alright fella? some examples from the article:  


Hello my lover. How are you, friend? What’s happening in London? Are you alright? I’m feeling rather ill. Myself, my girlfriend and good friend of mine were at the local public house last night. I had an encounter with a police officer who seemed to believe I was overly intoxicated. 


Origh me lovver, owaree pard? Wasson up London? Awight n aree? I’m rufazrats! Out last night with me maid and me good pard. Nearly got in trouble with the hoffizers for bein too drunk. 


This evening my friends and I are going to Bradford with some friends and planning to have a good night out. There’s a nice pub where we’ll have a drink and a conversation about this and that. We take off our coats and are sure to close the door firmly after us.


Ey up toneet goan t’Brat-fud t’ave us-en a reet grand time, t’pub dahn ginnel to sup up n ‘av a chunter abaht owt o’ nowt. Put t’wood in’th oyle an’ doff us coats. 

Read the full article in Don’t Panic



1 Response to “WTF are U spkng?”

  1. 1 fakeplasticwalks June 3, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    Hola gente!la verdad es que probé en escribir un blog, pero tras una semana no quedé muy contento con el resultado,lo mío es más la fotografía, pero no podrán decir que no lo probé jejeje…buena suerte!de que os conozco?recibí un email hace una semana de alguno de vosotros que me conoce!

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