Happy holidays

Happy holidays in the airports…this video about security measures for my hand luggage in the airport lounge show me lots of unbranded stuff, everything is neutral except the laptop, the cartoon shows proud in the screen a big apple in the middle of his computer. Am I in a commercial center? could be… Then someone ask me for money to receive a plastic bag that I must use to pass the security control, so I am pushed to contribute in the oil crisis with one pound. I am finally ready to take my flight, I only need to check a new screen to know what’s the right gate, is to soon for me, and the screen advise me RELAX AND SHOP.

When Marc Augé defines a non-place in his great book Non-Places “Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity”, and he was thinking in places of transience that do not hold enough significance to be regarded as “places”, he think in places like airports, but didn’t expect how fast capitalism will fuck this theory. Every single non-place is now a place to sell, and all these Auge’s non places became suddenly a trench, a last war zone to think about in a free advertising zone. Maybe in our whole world only exist a “public” free space: Prisons, because these people can’t buy everything, not yet.


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