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“Six reasons why Mike Patton is a f*****g genious” Ep.1:Mr.Bungle

This is the first episode of “Six reasons why Mike Patton is a f*****g genious”, and we will start in 1984, when Mike Patton founded Mr.Bungle, a funk-punk-ska-carnival experimental band, with Trevor Dunn, Trey Spruance, Theo Lengyel, and Jed Watts in Eureka, North California. The band featured three albums in Warner Bros. records (Mr. Bungle 1991, Discovolante 1995 and California 1997) and a good number of demos in cassette between 1988 and the date of release of the first Mr.Bungle album. Jim Martin from Faith No More listen one of this demos and ask Patton to cover the singer position in his band, but this story is part of the second episode…


Coco Rosie at Concertgebouw Amsterdam

Coco Rosie @ Concertgebouworkest in Amsterdam via fabchannel. You can see this gig in our vodpod section or clicking here

Music for a Cold Winter

It’s curious for me that in one of the hottest countries in Europe, Spain, are appearing in the last times a good number of albums that I want to call as a “for a cold winter”. And I am sure that you know what kind of music I am talking about. This kind of albums that you must listen when is snowing outside and you are looking people through the window with your coffee, your cigarette and a good book. And yes I love stereotypes.

My first choice is “Friday Afternoon Car” (Acuarela records’08) of a band called Fantasy Bar, this band from the south of Spain pop’s up with a really astonishing debut album from the well known in the indy-pop-spanish-scene Kieran Stephen (ex-bass player of big indy bands in Spain such “Los Planetas” or “Migala”). This album sounds like a fresh mix between Nick Drake, and bands like My Bloody Valentine or Spacemen3, to mention a few names that we can found into their references.

Fantasy Bar “Friday Afternoon Car” (Acuarela discos)

My second choice is “I love your glasses” (Eureka records ’08) it’s another debut from a new MySpace-celebrity in Spain called Russian Red. That’s something like a Nabokov’s Lolita+a good songwriter+a good name that comes from the color of the lipstick that she uses and not because her political ideas+be in all the festivals during the summer+be extremely cute+to have a fragile voice that can smash your soul.

Russian Red “I love your glasses” (Eureka)

FabChannel! (MGMT live@Paradiso,Amsterdam)

Let me introduce you one of the coolest music websites that I found on the net recently. FabChannel is a Gig-Maniac website that brings you a wide variety of live music from upcoming acts to big stars playing rock, hiphop, folk, avant-garde and everything in between, mainly based in the famous Paradiso venue in the lovely city of Amsterdam (Holland).

I will upload some of these gigs soon in our vodpod section, and to start I will include a very special gig of MGMT (the original soundtrack of my summer) at Paradiso (Amsterdam).

The new Sonic Youth album on Matador records sometime in 2009

After Monoman (aka the other guy that writes here) met personally Sonic Youth this summer, their life change too much. There’s no proof that my information is 100% true (we need to wait for a Monoman confirmation), but this change in the normal Sonic Youth life started this week when they announced that will leave Geffen Records to record their new album in Matador Records (one of the most recognised Independent american record labels), as is explained in the oficial Matador Records Blog: Matablog.  WTF do you said Monoman?

Old Rare New

Old Rare New (The Independent Record Shop) by Emma Petit, Black Dog Publishing.

“Old rare New” will be one of this book that you will find in the archeology section in 20 years. Portrait of a ghost, Emma Petit was in a trip across the States following an endangered specie: The independent record shops, to give us an excellent compilation of pics, essays and interviews.

>Buy Old Rare New

Kick…and Run!!!

You never know who is coming from your back, when you are playing the guitar…That’s the story!!! (highlight 1′ 32”)

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