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Sven Weisemann blew me away!

I have to tell I received this weekend a major musical blow out!
This was given live and straight forward by the Berlin DJ Sven Weisemann!
If you haven’t checked him out, well all I can say is… that’s a shame.

The scene took place last saturday in Corsica studios, Elephant & Castle, London. Convinced by a friend of mine to go there for the music and sentimental reasons… I agreed to get a move on.

The headline on the bill was DJ Sneak that is to say a legendary Chicagoan house music producer and the support was coming from Sven Weisemann whom I did not know much about before getting in.
Furthermore, I would have been on his MySpace before the performance, I would have thought this was going to be maybe a bit to deep. But live, the guy kicked ass and stunned the whole audience!

And to be fairly honest, Sven Weisemann made me an amazing impression. This Berlin based DJ was really inventive playing a wide range of styles: minimal techno, deep house, Detroit techno… And his technic was speechless.
Almost all his tracks were mint! I even had to fight not to go the toilets in case I would miss a tune!

To get a taste of it, click on this link and you’ll get a couple of mixs (deep house and techno). Unfortunately, he won’t apparently show up in the UK for the next months…


About Sonic Youth this summer

I must admit that being one of the lucky few to welcome Sonic Youth for their only French date in the summer was kind of surreal but awesome. They were everything except self-centered or behaving like ‘Show me respect’. They were talkative even tough they had an harassing journey and I even had the privilege to shake Kim Gordon’s hand (I didn’t wash it yet…) which gives you an idea of how friendly they are.

I couldn’t take pictures unfortunately but I beg you to trust me!

During their show, they played tracks from various albums, some classics and some of their latest tunes. That was definitely a good mix to please fans and newcomers. Besides, their reputation on stage is more than well deserved. They provided us a with a real show, Thurston Moore hitting his guitar with a drumstick, Kim Gordon widely dancing on stage like a teenager, Lee Ranaldo experimenting and Steve Shelley was bent on his drums, focus, powerful and as accurate as a metronome.

All that plus the chance to see them live in my hometown, that was thrilling!

The new Sonic Youth album on Matador records sometime in 2009

After Monoman (aka the other guy that writes here) met personally Sonic Youth this summer, their life change too much. There’s no proof that my information is 100% true (we need to wait for a Monoman confirmation), but this change in the normal Sonic Youth life started this week when they announced that will leave Geffen Records to record their new album in Matador Records (one of the most recognised Independent american record labels), as is explained in the oficial Matador Records Blog: Matablog.  WTF do you said Monoman?

Old Rare New

Old Rare New (The Independent Record Shop) by Emma Petit, Black Dog Publishing.

“Old rare New” will be one of this book that you will find in the archeology section in 20 years. Portrait of a ghost, Emma Petit was in a trip across the States following an endangered specie: The independent record shops, to give us an excellent compilation of pics, essays and interviews.

>Buy Old Rare New

Kick…and Run!!!

You never know who is coming from your back, when you are playing the guitar…That’s the story!!! (highlight 1′ 32”)

Cash, Kobain, Joplin, Morrison and Jones…it’s not another super band

Good stuff in Proud Galleries London! If you are thinking in go there and check these über-trendy galleries/clubs, you will have the opportunity to see the Johnny Cash portrait exhibition (Proud Central) until this Sunday (14th september), and also the exhibition “Forever 27” (in the new Proud Camden) about all the dead-young-rockstars who created this only-one-time-admission-club.

True Norwegian Black Metal

True Norwegian Black Metal by Peter Beste. Vice Books 2008.

“In the last two decades a bizarre and violent musical subculture called black metal has emerged in Norway. It’s roots stem from a heady blend of horror films, extreme heavy metal music, Satanism, pagan mythology, and adolescent angst. In the early-mid 1990’s, members of this extremist underground committed murder, burned down medieval wooden churches, and desecrated graveyards. What started as a juvenile frenzy came to symbolize the start of a war against Christianity, a return to the worship of the ancient Norse gods, and the complete rejection of mainstream society. I have spent the last 7 years photographing in this insulated and secretive community”. Peter Beste (book’s author).

>Buy True Norwegian Black Metal

Bonus track:
True Norwegian Black Metal (Documentary from VBS TV). Parts: I II III IV V

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