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If you think curiosity is expensive, try ignorance

Have you ever paid a different price for a concert depending on which band you came for?

Well, I went yesterday to a concert in Camden (The Barfly) to see Mr Hudson and the Library plus two other acts.
The funny thing is that once I arrived at the counter, the guy behind it asked me the question: ‘Which band did you come to see?’. I naively said I was coming for the last and most popular band that night (the first were like really smaller I ignored) so the guy gently asked me for £8.

You will tell me that this price is okay for 3 bands but I lately figured out that if I had mentioned the first band (and brought an homemade flyer they did especially for the night you just had to pick up on tables), I would have just paid £5! What does that mean?

Forget about the £3 pounds difference.
I came for the whole night and 3 bands are on the bill. I will see them all in the end.
Why should I be supposed to pay different prices depending on my musical tastes?
The only discounts I knew before were related to your professional situation but never for the band I would come for!

It is like going to the theatre and you only pay half price because you especially came for the 2nd act. The play is 5 acts long, you will see them all but you love the 2nd act so you pay a different price from the person who likes the 3rd one! Does that make any sense to you?
And what if I just pop in to discover bands for curiosity and I don’t know any of them?

There is just a concept I do not get here…


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