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Any new music trend for this winter 2008?

London has been long and is still hailed as a bubbling music place, the city where new musical trends born and spread over Europe. Exemples are numerous those last 20 years: electronica, jungle, trip hop…
No need to look further than last year when dubstep invaded all the columns in the magazines and the decks of the DJs. Burial’s second LP ‘Untrue’ was on all the headphones the soundtrack of last gloomy London winter.

Interesting to guess what’s gonna be the next winter musical boom? What is gonna be the next musical trick to come out from the industry’s hat?

The scene needs something fresh from the underground, something that comes from the streets and that translate the feeling of what’s going on right now.
Having said that, many musical movements keep on pushing forward. The electronic scene is still very vivid and new artists and labels mushroom all over the place. Though the fresh prevails.
But even if the industry follows closely everything that emerges from the asphalt, will she get the guts to launch a new trend and spend money in such a bad financial period?
Or will this year serve the same plates as 2007 but microwaved?

With people and average consumers like me cutting down expenses related to leisures, I tend to believe that music industry will not take major bids and play sure shots.
We are the 1st October, let’s see what the situation will be like in a couple of month!

Meanwhile, you can have a look at the freshest dubstep label in France: 7even Recordings


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