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Bad Covers: “Staring at the Rude Boys”


This is a new section in kick and run about bad-covers, or…when a good song from a great band became shit because the second band doesn’t understand the sprit of the song, or try to do an experiment when it’s not necessary.

“Staring at the rude boys” was an original song by The Ruts released for the Album “Grin and Bear it” (Virgin, 1980) a compilation of Singles, B-sides and Live Performances.


The Ruts were one of the biggest English bands of reggae-punkrock-ska of the end of the 70’s, and “Staring at the rude boys” is one of my favourite songs of them, because it’s a good description of  an historical, british-underground moment, with skins and punks f*****g around the clubs.   


“It’s a very small world in the middle of a crowd, the room gets dark when the music gets loud, treble cuts thru’ when the rhythm takes the bite, but there’s no room to move ’cause the floor is packed tight. A voice shouts loud, ‘we’ll never surrender’, A voice in the crowd,’Never surrender’. A hand in the crowds flying propaganda: ‘Never surrender, we’ll never surrender’. The skins in the corner are staring at the bar, the rude boys are dancing to some heavy heavy ska, it’s getting so hot people are dripping with sweat, the punks in the corner are speeding like a jet”. 


On 2007 the band played a “cover”, with Henry Rollins (Black Flag singer, and Ruts fan) singing in a benefit gig for Paul Fox (Ruts guitar player) with a cancer diagnosis. Was a really  good one…but we are here to speak about bad covers so…


Finally this song is coming back again because The Gallows, a not-bad English Hardcore Band (in a gig Frank Carter, the Gallow’s singer, receive more punches and kicks than Cradle of Filth playing at the Oups Dei central office) has played this terrible cover introducing “hip-hop” elements (Lethal Bizzle fuck the song in the minute 1’40”) and following all the MTV-NME quality standards.




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