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About Sonic Youth this summer

I must admit that being one of the lucky few to welcome Sonic Youth for their only French date in the summer was kind of surreal but awesome. They were everything except self-centered or behaving like ‘Show me respect’. They were talkative even tough they had an harassing journey and I even had the privilege to shake Kim Gordon’s hand (I didn’t wash it yet…) which gives you an idea of how friendly they are.

I couldn’t take pictures unfortunately but I beg you to trust me!

During their show, they played tracks from various albums, some classics and some of their latest tunes. That was definitely a good mix to please fans and newcomers. Besides, their reputation on stage is more than well deserved. They provided us a with a real show, Thurston Moore hitting his guitar with a drumstick, Kim Gordon widely dancing on stage like a teenager, Lee Ranaldo experimenting and Steve Shelley was bent on his drums, focus, powerful and as accurate as a metronome.

All that plus the chance to see them live in my hometown, that was thrilling!


The new Sonic Youth album on Matador records sometime in 2009

After Monoman (aka the other guy that writes here) met personally Sonic Youth this summer, their life change too much. There’s no proof that my information is 100% true (we need to wait for a Monoman confirmation), but this change in the normal Sonic Youth life started this week when they announced that will leave Geffen Records to record their new album in Matador Records (one of the most recognised Independent american record labels), as is explained in the oficial Matador Records Blog: Matablog.  WTF do you said Monoman?

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